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For collectors or those who are nostalgic for old cars, Nice Car Collection offers a wide selection of exceptional-quality diecast 1/64 scale models. From collectors’ cars to cars from the movies, as well as racing models, you can choose from thousands of available models.

Dive back into your childhood memories 

Hot Wheels model cars warmed the hearts of 41 million children between 1970 and 1980. Many people remember the hours spent with these miniature cars when they were children. If you are nostalgic for this time, our model cars for collectors are an opportunity for you to dive back into your childhood memories.

Historic model cars

Nice Car Collection will take you back in time with our historic diecast 1/64 model cars. You can find replicas of the 1969 Ford F-150 Ramp Truck or the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro S. If you prefer modern cars, there is also something for all tastes.

Replicas of mythical cars from the movies 

If you are nostalgic for your favourite old films, you have a great opportunity to keep a nice memento from them. We offer a wide selection of cars from films such as Christine or Bullitt. Dive back into adventure with our mythical replicas from the movies.

Extremely realistic diecast 1/64 cars

Our replicas aren’t just children’s toys. They have been designed in an extremely realistic manner. For example, the engine and dashboard are reproduced very faithfully.

About Nice Car Collection 

Nice Car Collection specializes in the sale of scale model cars. For more than 10 years, we have become leaders in our industrial sector. If you are interested in one of our replicas, preorder it now.