Were miniature construction vehicles a major part of your childhood? Do you want to dive back into your old memories of the past? Discover our wide selection of construction diecast models in Canada. One of them will appeal to you; it’s almost guaranteed.

Diecast construction vehicles in Canada for all tastes 

We all remember the moment when we started collecting Hot Wheels miniature vehicles for the first time. Very quickly, the sentimental value overtakes the commercial value.

For unconditional fans of miniature construction vehicles, Nice Car Collection offers a wide selection of diecast construction vehicles in Canada. Whatever type of collector you are, we have something for all tastes: tractors, cranes, garbage trucks, and excavators. 

Ultra-realistic construction vehicles that increase in value

The idea that miniature vehicles are simple children’s toys is a very persistent myth. Nothing could be further from the truth. These vehicles increase in value.

This is also the case for our diecast construction vehicles in Canada. Some of them may become so rare that they can be worth several thousand or even millions of dollars.

About Nice Car Collection

Since 2007, Nice Car Collection has specialized in the online sale of diecast construction vehicles in Canada. Thanks to our website, our warehouse has tripled in size, and we have quickly become leaders in our industrial sector.

If you're interested in one of our models, you can preorder it right now. We regularly post new items and discounted models on our site. You can also check out our hard-to-find vehicles, which are the most desired.