With more than 2000 references of diecast such as pickup or jeep trucks, we have a complete inventory. Our large inventory of diecast signs and cars is therefore the largest catalogue anywhere in Canada! We will therefore be able to offer the diecast truck that suits diecast collectors, but also all car enthusiasts.

No matter what you're looking for diecast jeep or pickup trucks, we'll find the diecast truck you're looking for. We even have specific products in our catalogue such as a tanker truck, a Coca-Cola pickup or a ramp truck. 

Our diecast jeep and pickup trucks come from some of the biggest historical brands such as Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep, Citroën, Volvo and others. Our diecast trucks are not just toys. The diecast model is most faithfully reproduced, from the outside with all the details like tires or rear-view mirrors, to the inside with the dashboard or engine.

With such a large catalogue, your needs, however different they may be, can be satisfied. Whether you are a fan of old or new trucks, you've come to the right place! History and war enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for in our catalogue. In particular, we sell various Jeep diecast models used in the army, such as the Jeep Willys used by the United States Army.