Are you a superhero fan? Are you nostalgic for your old favorite movies? Discover our extensive collection of movie miniature car models. No matter your cinematic taste, you will find the model you are looking for. 

Mythical cinema cars

For superhero film fans, several replicas of the famous Batmobile are offered to you. For racing film fans, we also have a variety of models from the Fast and Furious series. If you like to go back in time, we have some replicas of the famous Back to the Future trilogy from the 80s. 

We also own some movie miniature car models from the Disney movie “Cars”. We really have something for everyone. The scale models are sure to please. They will plunge you into childhood cinematic memories. 

Our movie miniature car models are very realistic

Our movie miniature car models are not toys for your toddlers. They were produced very realistically. We took the trouble, for example, to make opening doors and to reconstruct the dashboard. 

Ultra-fast delivery 

If you live in Quebec or Ontario, order your movie miniature car model now. You will receive your package within 2-3 days maximum and sometimes even within 24 hours. 

For deliveries elsewhere in Canada, the delay is a maximum of 5 working days. 

About Nice Car Collection 

For over 10 years, Nice Car Collection specializes in the online sale of scale models for collectors. We have several hundred different replicas. If you are interested in one of our models, order it online now.