Whether you are a collector, a fire engine fan or simply nostalgic for old models of fire trucks, Nice Car Collection offers a whole range of miniature fire cars. Choose from our wide variety of models available. 

Immerse yourself in history

Travel back in time through our selection of miniature fire cars. Some models. Some of our replicas are over 60 years old, like the 1935 Mack Type 75BX or the 1938 Mack Type 75. Others date from WWII, such as the 1944 Mercedes Benz L4500F fire truck. 

Very realistic miniature fire cars 

Our miniature fire cars have been designed to be as realistic as possible. All the equipment such as the hose and the fire ladder have been reproduced down to the smallest detail. 

About Nice Car Collection 

Since 2009, Nice Car Collection specializes in the sale of vintage miniature cars. In the space of 10 years, we have become leaders in our industrial sector. Order online now and receive your replica within 5 days maximum (3 days for Quebec and Ontario).