Are you looking for a model truck? For fans of very large vehicles, Nice Car Collection offers a wide variety of diecast truck models.

From the ’20s-era ambulance to the Ferrari race truck, as well as oil trucks and horse trailers, choose from a selection of over 250 miniature model trucks. 

Scale-model trucks that immerse you in history

Travel back in time with our historical miniature truck models. The 1924 Chevrolet Series H 1-ton truck was used as an ambulance in the ’20s. We also offer scale models of Coca-Cola trucks used in the ’50s. 

Ultra-realistic model trucks 

Our scale-model trucks aren’t simple children’s toys. They have been assembled in the most realistic possible way, up to completely rebuilding their engines, doors, and dashboards. You can choose the scale you want for your diecast van models: 1/18, 1/24, 1/43, etc. 

About Nice Car Collection 

Since 2009, Nice Car Collection has been offering a wide variety of quality scale models for collectors. In ten years, we have become leaders in the sale of scale models in Canada. We always do our best to offer you the best new arrivals at the best prices. 

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